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Mayfield Village Racquet Club
6685 Beta Drive, Mayfield Village, Ohio  44143   440.461.8105/p   440.461.8109/f 


Friday, October 30, 2020 

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Court Rates

Court fees are divided equally amoung players on the court.  Court time may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.  Please inform the club if you cannot use a reserved court and we will try to sell it for you.  Regular court fees are billed if a reserved court is unused.  If a court reserved for unlimited or league play goes unused, there is a $18 per hour charge.

Tennis $38 per hour
Junior Rate* $24 per hour




*Members under 21 years old receive discounted court fees any time of the day but may only book within 24 hours!  Member parents may play with junior members at the Junior Rate if the court is booked within 24 hours.  Non-member juniors who book court time within 24 hours may also receive the junior rate but must pay in advance and are charged guest fees.

Guest Policy

A $7 guest fee is charged in addition to court time for a non-member.  Each guest must register at the club's front desk, and the same guest is limited to six visits per season.

Unlimited Play Options

Click on the link to learn more about MVRC's Unlimited Play Options:  click here!  When you choose an unlimited play option, you may play an unlimited amount of tennis during the set hours for one monthly price, rather than paying regular hourly court rates.  Note:  When you choose any of the unlimited play options, you are committed for the entire season.  To learn more click here! 



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