Junior Leagues

In this league, juniors will play a different opponent near their level each week in a competitive match. It's an excellent opportunity to put your skills to the test in a match against other MVRC juniors.

Juniors will play five 90-minute matches in a six- or seven-week session. This is an "Open Time" league, meaning players arrange their own match times. 

Fee: $120 per five-match league

Junior League Session Schedule

Session 1: Begins week of Sept. 10, 2023
Session 2: Begins week of Oct. 22, 2023
Session 3: Begins week of Dec. 3, 2023
Session 4: Begins week of Jan. 14, 2024
Session 5: Begins week of Feb. 25, 2024
Session 6: Begins week of Apr. 7, 2024

All singles leagues have a $15 set-up fee, which the club will waive if participants complete their matches. You must be a MVRC member to participate in the junior leagues. Non-members may participate in Singles Leagues one time only for an additional $20 fee.